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  • Factory
    The manufacturing facility is located at Navi Mumbai (about 40 km from HQ). It is a well equipped facility and has glass assemblies from 500 L (GLR), 200L down to 20L with heating (to ~250 degree) and cooling (to -80 degree) facilities. All kinds of filtration and drying devices including an agitated nutsche filter, drier (ANFD) and vacuum tray dryer (VTD) are available. The factory is equipped with cold-storage facilities also. The plant has an ETP unit and a Quality Control division. Specialised reactions such as Grignard & air sensitive thiol-chemistry are routinely being carried out at the facility

  • R & D Centre
    The R&D Centre is located at Bangalore, India. The R & D Centre is currently operating in an area of 6,500 sq ft spread over two floors. The operating area can comfortably accommodate about twenty chemists. As of now, the laboratory is furnished very well with fume-hoods, utilities, glassware (some of them specially designed), equipment etc. The R&D also has moderate scale-up facility in the form of 20L, 50L and 100L all glass assemblies, devised to handle high temperature as well as low temperature conditions.

    For analytical support, We have an official tie-up with the local and prestigious Indian Institute of Science for high-end instrumentation like NMR (all nuclei), mass spectroscopy, optical rotation. Through the institute library we can do literature search through STN, library consultation etc. Through a private company, we also have access to GC-MS, LC-MS, lyophiliser & peptide synthesizer
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